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Official Andy Biersack Blog: September 10th 2013 11:45pm


It is important to know that even though the world around us is often filled with fear, corruption and greed…we still have the choice to bring about change and hope. There are people on this planet that serve to openly hurt and oppress you…don’t let them. There are people that will say to you that…

Official Andy Biersack Blog: We Stitch These Wounds: Revisited


I remember sitting on the floor of my first apartment in Hollywood, the carpet was once grey I believe but at this point it was more of a brown/black after being soaked in spilled wine and cigarette ashes….cockroaches crawled up and down the walls, leading into a kitchen that was often more of a…

Official Andy Biersack Blog: 1:00 AM Hotel room in Tucson Arizona


Dear friends,

If you will indulge me I’d like to start this by posing a hypothetical:

Lets say that for the better part of your life you have been “different” in some form or fashion…you as a person tend to stray from what is conventional and this often causes you to be at odds with most of…